Kerry Lyn Dalton

I must admit upfront- I'm on death row. I'm sure that's gonna scare off a few folks. Perhaps if you continue to read this, I can capture just a bit of your interest. First though. "my crime"? I've been convicted of a murder without not only a body, but also without any weapons, nor a crime scene. Now that I've said that, I will add, this is pretty foreign to me, 'running an ad', fronting myself off--that my burden is 'being lonely'. I've lived a very strong free and of course wild life (which naturally landed me here). Now! I've grown in a much different style. Still of strength but also, I've learned a great deal of respect, respect for all things, and all people. I never take what isn't mine, and live my life with honesty and truthfulness. I am still searching for myself, though I'm not looking for anybody to make my path for me. I wanna smile and laugh and have fun. I'm smart and pretty decent with serious conversations as well. Physically? I'm in very good shape. I'm kinda tall 5'8", yet small, only 126lbs. Every night I exercise and secretly dance. I love music, it's my great escape. When I was free, my greatest addiction was being a thrill seeker and although this holds no danger for me, it's atill a risk. I'll end with something Axle Rose sang, "I'm still alright to smile".

Prisoner Number: W42583
Box 1508 (504-C1-138L)
Chowchilla,  CA  93610-1508

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Will relocate: No
Will write to international pen pals: Yes

In prison for: 211/187
Will get out: 0000-00-00

Height: 5'8 / Weight: 125 / Birthdate: 0960-01-24
Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Brown / Ethnicity: Other
Sex: Female / Sexual Preference: Straight / Marital Status: Single